Katakolo beachKatakolo Beach

Katakolo Beach



Plakes beach

Plakes beach is the nearest beach behind the marina of Katakolon. From the spot you exit your cruise ship and the port, walk 300 meters approximately to the left. This small beach offers changing rooms, showers, a beach-bar, sunumbrellas and a number of fish tavernas. Allthough it is next to the port, the waters are crystal clear.



Agios Andreas beach

Agios Andreas beach is a non tourist beach, where you can meet many local people. It is located behind the picturesque harbour of Katakolon. It is a fine rocky land with pine trees, adorned with cafes and night clubs that tower over the transparent waters and the beautiful setting. Agios Andreas beach charms the divers as its sea floor is magical. The distance from Katakolon port is 3-4 Km approximately.


Leventochori beach

It is a virgin, semi-organized beach with crystal clear waters and dark sand, for those who are seeking peace and quiet in a picturesque environment.| The distance is 9-10 Km approximately from the harbour of Katakolon.


Aldemar beach

Aldemar beach is a fully organized beach with fine sand and many amenities for the visitors. It is a luxury resort belonging to the Aldemar hotels.The distance is 17-18 km from katakolon harbour.